Fee Schedule
Fee Type

Bank charter application

Emergency bank charter application

Interim bank charter application

Interstate bank branch application
Interstate branch license

Interstate merger

Interstate branch supervisory and examination fees

Inspection of bank more than twice in a calendar year    

Semi-annual supervisory fees for state banks

Change in place of business

Intrastate merger

Conversion of a national bank, federally chartered savings bank or state savings and loan association into a state bank


Trust company examination

Savings and loan examination

Foreign Association - Certificate of Admission

Foreign Association - Annual Statement Renewal

Foreign Association - Agent License

Foreign state savings and loan association examination

Bank holding companies examination

Interstate acquisition application

Interstate bank supervisory and examination fees




Not to exceed $2,500 



Supervisory and examination fees

$50.00 per examiner per day and actual expenses of each examiner.

See Supervisory Fees below or Chapter 3 of Rules and Regulations


$2,500 (for the first two merging banks)
$1,250 (for each additional bank)

All investigation, examination, and hearing costs.

All expenses including a $10.00 per diem

Total cost of examination

Total cost of examination



$2.00 per license

Total cost of examination

Total cost of examination


See Supervisory and Examination Fees


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