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License and Registration

Wyoming Uniform Consumer Credit Code

Uniform Consumer Credit Code Licensees

1. Registered: Persons who provide for goods and /or services on a credit basis (This also could include persons who provide "cash"                                       loans whose rate does not exceed 10% per year.)
      • Non-lender creditors - Any business that sells merchandise or services on credit.
        • Retail merchants such as appliance, jewelry and furniture stores.
        • Dealerships such as auto, boat, motorcycle, motor home, mobile home, ATV, and RV's
        • Doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, accountants, dentists, hospitals, etc.

2. Licensed: Persons who make "cash" loans whose rate exceeds 10% per year; or persons who take assignment of cash loans whose                                rate exceeds 10% per year; or persons who take formal assignment of retail sales contracts (regardless of the                                            interest rate).

      • Supervised Lenders - Finance Companies; Pawn Shops; Residential Mortgage Companies; Post-dated Check Cashers.
      • Sales Finance Companies - Primarily engaged in consumer credit activity of taking by assignment or financing in behalf of sellers or lessors (retail consumer sales transactions)

License and Registration 

*Nationwide Multistate Licensing System*


The Wyoming Division of Banking requires all Supervised Lender, Sales Finance Company, Post-dated Check Casher and Pawn Broker applications and license activity to be filed using the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) at the link provided above. 

Please contact the Wyoming Division of Banking directly for general questions
Phone: (307) 777-7797
Email: wyomingbankingdivision@wyo.gov

Questions relating to licensing can be directed to Deanna Chafin
Phone: (307) 777-6485
Email: Deanna.chafin1@wyo.gov

Questions relating to regulation can be directed to Liz Hensley or Laurie Meena
Phone: (307) 777-7397 (Liz) (307)777-5652 (Laurie)
Email: liz.hensley@wyo.gov or laurie.meena@wyo.gov

**Questions relating to NMLS can be directed to the call center at 1-855-NMLS123**

Licensed Activities:

Supervised Lenders - Supervised lenders are entities that originate cash loans with rates that exceed 10% per year (supervised loans), purchase supervised loans, or purchase retail installment contracts originated by a retail creditor. Every location where business is regularly conducted must be licensed. No license is required if annually your company conducts less than five (5) loans secured by real estate or less than twenty five (25) loans.

Sales Finance Companies - Sales finance companies are entities whose only business is purchasing retail installment contracts which have been originated by a retail creditor. Sales finance companies purchase loans from retail merchants or take loans by assignment which have been originated by another creditor.

Post-dated Check Cashers - Post-dated check cashers are entities that make post-dated check loans. Each branch is licensed individually and each store front is licensed. Some businesses conduct internet activities. 
Post-dated Check Casher Information Booklet

Pawnbrokers - Pawnbrokers are entities that conduct pawn activities. All physical locations in Wyoming that conduct pawn activities are licensed.

Rent-to-Own - Rent-to-own entities offer merchandise under rental-purchase agreements. Physical locations that conduct rent-to-own activities in Wyoming are licensed.

Registered Activities:

Non-Lender Creditors Registration Form (see bottom of page to download form)

License Renewal Process 

All licensed companies holding a Supervised Lender, Sales Finance Company, Pawnbroker or Post-dated Check Casher License in Wyoming shall submit the renewal of their license through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) between November 1st and December 1st. The NMLS Streamlined Renewal Process allows your company to conveniently manage the renewal of company, and/or branch licenses through your organization’s NMLS account.

Wyoming's renewal page on the NMLS with specific requirements for the State of Wyoming:

Please contact our office with your renewal questions: 307-777-6485 or by e-mail: deanna.chafin1@wyo.gov

Rent-to-Own License and Renewal Instructions

To be Licensed: Each office or place of business that conducts rent-to-own activities in Wyoming is required to be licensed separately. The application at the bottom of this page should be filled out and mailed to the attention of Deanna Chafin.  

Renewal Instructions: Please follow the instructions listed below to complete your renewal application.  All renewal applications will be mailed to you.  If you do not receive a renewal application please contact the Wyoming Division of Banking at (307) 777-7797 or via e-mail at wyomingbankingdivision@wyo.gov.  

Step 1: Confirm Your License Details and Contact Information

  • If your telephone number is different, please enter the correct telephone number in the "Correct Information." field.
  • Please enter your e-mail address to receive notifications from our office to help ensure appropriate means of communication.
  • If your information is different, please update in the "Correct Information" field.

Step 2: Answer All Requirements

  • Form needs to be completed in its entirety
  • Form needs to be notarized

Step 3: Submit Information

  • Submit the completed renewal using the contact information provided in your license renewal letter.
  • Please return by mail with your renewal application the required renewal fee made payable to the "Department of Audit".
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