ATM and Cash Dispensing Machine Operation and Transaction Fees

Remote Electronic Terminal - Per Wyoming Statute 13-1-501(a)(v)

An electronic device, wherever located, through which a consumer may initiate an electronic funds transfer or may order, instruct or authorize a Wyoming financial institution or financial institution to debit or credit an account and includes an automated teller machine, an automated loan machine or any other machine or device which may be used to carry out electronic banking business. "Remote electronic terminal" does not include point of sale terminals or telephones or personal computers operated by a consumer.

Who can operate a remote electronic terminal in the State of Wyoming?

Remote electronic terminals can be operated in the State of Wyoming by the following entities:

      • Wyoming financial institution - any bank, savings and loan association or trust company chartered or organized under the laws of Wyoming.

      • Financial institution - any bank, savings and loan association, trust company or credit union chartered or organized under the laws of any state other than Wyoming or chartered or organized under the laws of the United States.

      • Person - an individual, partnership, corporation or any other entity, (other than a Wyoming financial institution and financial institution as defined above).

Transaction Fee Notification Requirements

The amount of the transaction fee that will be imposed at any remote electronic terminal must be disclosed by two methods (W.S. 13-1-502(f)):

      1. Sign or sticker affixed to the front of the machine which is visible to the consumer when he approaches the machine, and

      2. Electronic display on the screen which offers the consumer an option to cancel the transaction without incurring the transaction fee.

Sponsorship Agreements

Wyoming Statute 13-1-502(j) authorizes persons (individual, partnership, corporation or any other entity other than a financial institution) to operate remote electronic terminals in Wyoming if they obtain a written sponsorship agreement with a Wyoming financial institution or a financial institution having a place of business in this state. The sponsorship agreement is to be approved by the commissioner. Persons registering their remote electronic terminals with the Division of Banking are to submit the sponsorship agreement with their registration form.

ATM Sponsorship Forms and Requirements

Sample ATM Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement Requirements