Rules and Regulations of the Commissioner

Chapter 3


Section 1: Authority; Scope.

This Chapter is promulgated in part pursuant to Wyoming Statute 13-1-603(d) (fees generally), W.S. 13-3-702 (bank Supervisory fee), W.S. 13-5-110 (trust Company supervisory fee), W.S. 13-5-213 (family trust company supervisory fee), W.S. 13-7-603 (savings and loan association supervisory fee).

Section 2. Bank and Savings and Loan Association Supervisory Fees.

(a) The Commissioner shall collect from every bank for supervision of such bank and every savings and loan association for supervision of such association an amount determined by the total resources of such bank and savings and loan association, as of reports of condition at the end of June and December of each year. The fees for all banks and saving and loan associations shall be based upon the total resources as follows:

$0 to $1,500,000 $.0013328 of total assets

1,500,001 to 15,000,000 $1,999.20 plus 0.0001666 of excess over 1.5 million

15,000,001 to 25,000,000 $4,248.33 plus 0.000159936 of excess over 15.0 million

25,000,001 to 50,000,000 $5,847.69 plus 0.00013328 of excess over 25.0 million

50,000,001 to 75,000,000 $9,179.69 plus 0.000119952 of excess over 50.0 million

75,000,001 to 150,000,000 $12,178.49 plus 0.00009996 of excess over 75.0 million

150,000,001 and over $19,675.49 plus 0.0000733040 of excess over 150.0 million

(b) Not later than the last day of January and July in each year, every bank and savings and loan association shall:

(i) Compute the semi-annual supervisory fee based upon the report of condition next preceding, on forms established by the Commissioner, and

(ii) Submit to the Commissioner such report of condition together with payment of the semi-annual fee as so computed.

(c) Miscellaneous bank fees

(i) Bank charter application $15,000

(ii) Emergency bank charter application $4,000

(iii) Interim charter for which a public hearing is waived $4,000

(iv) Branch application $1,000

(v) Out-of-state acquisition of a Wyoming bank $7,500

(vi) Operating subsidiary application $700

(vii) Additional examination fee when examined more than twice per year $50.00/examiner/day

(vii) Change in place of business $2,500

(ix) Merger or conversion into state bank application $2,500

(x) Each additional bank established by merger or consolidation application $1,250

(xi) Acquisition of bank by bank holding companies $4,500

Section 3. Trust Company Fees.

(a) The Commissioner shall collect from every chartered trust company for supervision of such trust company an amount determined by the total assets of the company as of December 31 of each year as follows:

(i) For a company with total assets less than three million dollars ($3,000,000) a supervisory fee of $7,500 shall be paid no later than January 31 each year.

(ii) For a company with total assets greater than three million dollars ($3,000,000) a supervisory fee of $12,500 shall be paid no later than January 31 of each year.

(b) The Trust Company Resolution Fund shall be funded with twenty-five percent (25%) of the annual supervisory fee paid by each chartered trust company.

(i) The amount shall be paid in each year until the Resolution Fund reaches a balance of one million dollars ($1,000,000).

(ii) Once the Resolution Fund reaches a balance of one million dollars ($1,000,000), the Commissioner may lower the supervisory fee, at his discretion, that each chartered trust company pays by the portion of the fee designated for the Resolution Fund.

(c) A chartered family trust company may apply to the Commissioner to establish a Trust Service Office. A fee of one thousand dollars ($1,000) shall accompany the Trust Service Office application.

(d) A Letter of Assurance from the Commissioner may be issued for a family trust company that does not apply for a Wyoming charter. A fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($250) shall accompany the request for such Letter of Assurance.

(e) Miscellaneous trust company fees

(i) Public and family trust company charter application $15,000

(ii) Voluntary dissolution of trust company $1,500

(iii) Conversion from trust company to chartered family trust company $10,000

(iv) Fee for failure to submit required reports $25/day overdue

Trust Company Examination Fees: Per Wyoming Statute 13-5-110(a)(vi) for public trust companies and 13-5-213(a)(iii) for chartered family trust companies, the Commissioner will collect from each trust company an amount equal to the total cost of the examination conducted. Currently, the Division charges $75/examiner hour plus actual travel costs (hotel, per diem, transportation, etc.).