Director Oath and Financial Statement Forms

Beginning in 2018, director oaths will be reviewed during the safety and soundness examination process. Additionally, as bank directors are now only required to submit their financial statement after initially being elected and not on an annual basis, examiners will ask for each director's net worth as part of the examination process to verify the director remains solvent. This will be obtained through the use of the Director and Officers page that has historically been provided to the bank as an attachment to the engagement letter. Refer to Wyoming Statute 13-2-401 for detailed statutory requirements.

Oath forms for an individual director and for a group of directors may be downloaded at the bottom of this page (use one form or the other as needed). The financial statement form provided by the state banking commissioner may also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact your Case Manager or you may contact the Division of Banking at (307) 777-7797 or via e-mail at