State Banking Board - Statutes and Regulations

The State Banking Board was created in 1991 by the Wyoming Legislature pursuant to Wyoming Statute 13-1-604. The Board’s statutory responsibilities are as follows:

Wyoming Statutes 13-1-601 - 13-1-606

      • Consult with and assist the director in the appointment or the removal of the state banking commissioner (W.S. 13-1-605(b)(i));

      • Consult with and advise the commissioner on strengths and weaknesses in the banking industry in Wyoming, as well as the general economy of the state as reflected by the banking business (W.S. 13-1-605(b)(ii));

      • Recommend changes to laws and regulations governing the banking industry as necessary to meet changes in the financial services industry and assist in providing information to the legislature to support statutory reform, and budget requests (W.S. 13-1-605(b)(iii) and (iv));

      • Use its rule making authority to govern its own procedures (W.S. 13-1-606).

Wyoming Statutes 13-2-201 to 13-2-215

      • Approve or disapprove applications for new bank charters (W.S. 13-2-212);

Wyoming Statutes 13-10-201 to 13-10-209

      • Conduct hearings when petitioned by a specific bank with respect to an order issued by the state banking commissioner requiring removal of an officer or director for unsafe and unsound banking practices or an order requiring a bank to cease unsafe or unsound banking practice. (W.S. 13-10-203(c), 13-10-205(c), 13-10-207(e), and 13-10-208(b)).

Rules and Regulations of the State Banking Board*

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Proposed Rules and Regulations

Proposed - There are currently no proposed rules for the Wyoming State Banking Board.

August 24, 2015