Wyoming Uniform Consumer Credit Code

Uniform Consumer Credit Code Registrants/Licensees

1. Registered:

      • Non-Lender Creditor - Persons who provide goods and /or services on a credit basis. (see bottom of page to download forms)

          • Retail merchants such as appliance, jewelry and furniture stores.

          • Dealerships such as auto, boat, motorcycle, motor home, mobile home, ATV, and RV's

          • Doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, accountants, dentists, hospitals, etc.

2. Licensed: Every location where business is regularly conducted, including online transactions, must be licensed. Business is regularly conducted if annually your company extends consumer credit for more than five (5) transactions secured by a dwelling or more than twenty five (25) transactions (not secured by a dwelling).

  • Consumer Lender - Consumer Lenders are entities who originate consumer loans pursuant to W.S. 40-14-304(a), or who take assignment of (purchase) the non-servicing rights relating to consumer loans that are not in default at the time of assignment. This does not include loans made for the purpose of purchasing or acquiring ownership of land and structures secured by a first mortgage lien, which are governed under the Wyoming Residential Mortgage Practices Act. Licensed Consumer Lenders are also authorized to engage in the business of sales financing pursuant to W.S. 40-14-261.

  • Sales Finance Company - Sales finance companies are entities whose only business is purchasing retail installment sales and/or lease contracts which have been originated by a retail creditor or providing financing on behalf of sellers for consumer credit sales and/or lease transactions.

  • Post-Dated Check Casher - Post-dated check cashers are entities that make post-dated check (payday) loans. Information on post-date check casher activity can be found at the following link: Post-Dated Check Casher Information Booklet

  • Pawnbroker - Pawnbrokers are entities that conduct pawn activities.

How to Apply for a License?

The Wyoming Division of Banking requires all Consumer Lender, Sales Finance Company, Post-Dated Check Casher and Pawn Broker applications and license activity to be filed using the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) at the following link:

Questions relating to NMLS can be directed to the call center at 1-855-NMLS123

Please contact the Wyoming Division of Banking directly for the following:

Questions relating to licensing:

Deanna Chafin

Phone: (307) 777-6485

Email: Deanna.chafin1@wyo.gov

Questions relating to regulation:

Liz Pino

Phone: (307) 777-7397

Email: liz.pino@wyo.gov

How to Renew a License?

All licensed companies holding a Consumer Lender, Sales Finance Company, Pawnbroker or Post-Dated Check Casher License in Wyoming shall submit the renewal of their license through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) between November 1st and December 1st. The NMLS Streamlined Renewal Process allows your company to conveniently manage the renewal of company, and/or branch licenses through your organization’s NMLS account.

Wyoming's renewal page on the NMLS with specific requirements for the State of Wyoming:


Please contact our office with your renewal questions: 307-777-6485 or by e-mail: deanna.chafin1@wyo.gov